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Established on 1 June 2014

MAMAVEGE is one of the brand of the vegetarian corporation MESU BERHAD, which was established on 1 June 2014. MAMAVEGE made up of a talented team of dynamic and dedicated experts, mainly focus on vegetarian food. Over the years, we have been adhering to the concept of making delicious vegetarian food readily available and hoping that everyone can be consuming vegetarian food and promote vegetarian food. Our core belief is that everyone should have access to convenient and quality vegetarian food to eat well.

Our products make a valuable contribution to climate, by supporting vegetarian food to reduce carbon dioxide from meat consumption. After years of development, we currently have 6 vegetarian hot pot restaurants in Malaysia, a vegetarian factory. and self-produced MAMAVEGE convenient vegetarian foods that have been wholesale to overseas. Through consuming a vegetarian diet. we are protecting the world and bring a healthier life that we pass on to future generation. We are a steadily growing vegetarian company and will keep moving forward to strike for the top.

EVERY MOM HAS A DISHEnable Delicious And Convenient Vegetarian Food To Cover Every Corner Of The World

Mothers's cooking is always rich with unconditional love, this is her deepest expression of care for the family and children. No matter the life challenges she will prepare the healthiest and tastiest dishes for the family. This is the love of a mother.

For many years, MAMAVEGE's founder Andy and Steve has been occupied and always traveling around due to businesses, being away from home makes them especially yearn for their mother's dishes.

With mutual resonance, they intensely think that the taste of mothers must be inherited, and so they decided to startup a restaurantwith the core being the taste of mothers. This enable all the busy children out there to have a taste of home. Finally, their determination bear fruit, MAMAVEGE was born on the 1st of June 2014.

Mother's dishes might sometimes not taste as good as dining out, but it has the taste of blissfulness and the warmth of home. Without you, a home cannot be complete. Always dine home, let home be filled with warmth and the atmosphere off reunion.

Plant-Based Products
Made of Natural Ingredients
No Preservatives and Chemical substances
Cruelty-Free products


MAMAVEGE is one of a brand from MESU BERHAD established in 2014. MAMAVEGE was named after the meaning of vegetarian food and the cooking taste of a mother. MAMAVEGE aims to bring the taste of blissfulness from mother's cooking by serving delicious and healthy vegetarian food.
MAMAVEGE's logo uses a female to represent a mother while holding the steamboat to emphasise our vegetarian steamboat restaurant. Steamboat also uses to symbolise family reunion as steamboat comes in the shape of a circle. We make sure that every customer gets amazing experience in a warm environment and delicious vegetarian food.
Red and green colour are mainly used in our logo to create a contrast to bring out our main idea. The warm colour of red comes symbolises enthusiasm, good fortune and joy while green colour symbolises harmony and health. It is to show that MAMAVEGE's products are 100% plant-based and safe to eat.

MAMAVEGE aims to bring the taste of blissfulness from mother's cooking by serving delicious and healthy vegetarian food.


Established 1st MAMAVEGE Vegetarian Steamboat Restaurant in BUKIT MERTAJAM. PENANG



Established 2nd outlet MAMAVEGE Vegetarian Steamboat Restaurant in RAJA UDA. PENANG
Won The 10th Taipei International Bodhi Golden Culinary Award
Awarded for Malaysia Vegetarian Contribution Award


Established 3rd outlet MAMAVEGE Vegetarian Steamboat Restaurant in IPOH, PERAK
Established 4th outlet MAMAVEGE Vegetarian Steamboat Restaurant in SUNGAI PETANI. KEDAH
Establish vegetarian sauces factory as central kitchen



Established 5th outlet MAMAVEGE Vegetarian Steamboat Restaurant in PUCHONG, KUALA LUMPUR
Established 6th outlet MAMAVEGE Vegetarian Steamboat Restaurant in KOTA DAMASARA. KUALA LUMPUR


Obtained HALAL certification issued by Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM)
Obtained Certificate of Responsibility on Food Safety (MeSTI) issued by Ministry of Health Malaysia
MAMAVEGE's products officially export to overseas
(Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand)

Zero Hunger Action Honored to win JCI 

Sustainable Development Award



Won SME100 Awards: Malaysia's Fasr Moving Companies

Won Penang Young Excellence Award

Won PUMM Role Model Award

MAMAVEGE's products are officially distributed to supermarkets & convenience stores (Jaya Grocer, Pasaraya Wonderful, Sunshine Wholesalas Mart, Billion Shopping Centre, MyHero Market etc)

Expant to a new factory (Simpang Ampat) to increase production capacity & provide friendly enviroment


Become Malaysia first vegetarian manufacturer to official listed plant based self-heating products at convenience chain store (MyNEWS)



Produce more delicious and convenient vegetarian food. Emphasise people from experiencing vegetarian food to loving it. Create more valuable contribution to human health, caring for animals and preserve mother nature.


Enable delicious and convenient vegetarian food to cover every corner of the world.


Vegetarian food can save hunger and the world food crisis. Meat is one of the main causes of the world food crisis. Based on an ecologist at Cornell University in the United States, David Pimentel stated that livestock-cows, chickens, pigs, ducks eat five times more grains than the American population. We could relate it to Malaysia's perspective, if we could just cut down half of the consumption of meat, there will be enough food to feed the citizens and no hungry people in the world. The decrease in meat consumption, the decrease in using more grains to feed livestock animals. Jean Mayer, the nutritionist from Harvard University stated that we could save enough grains for 60 million people by cutting down 10% of meat consumption.

Having a meatless diet can save more animals in our world. The way a vegetarian saves animals is by reducing the demand for meat and causing fewer animals to be born into a harsh life owned by the meat industry, where callousness abounds and mercy is scant. It also enables more people to have a taste of vegetarian food and get to know more knowledge about vegetarianism. A vegetarian diet is one of the healthy diets that is becoming a trend in the future. Most of the nutrients can be obtained through vegetarian food. Besides, vegetarianism is also very good for environmental protection.
The research found that 60.000 calories of carbon dioxide energy are needed to produce a piece of meat that will be sell in the store. This carbon dioxide energy used to raise animals, growing food and feeding animals until the slaughtering and packing animals. All carbon dioxide energy needs many large forests to absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. United Nations had proved that livestock animals are one of the greatest threats to the global climate. As people could reduce their meat consumption and change to vegetarian food instead, there could improve the climate and provide better changes in our atmosphere.

Mother's dishes might sometimes not taste as good as dining out, but it has the taste of blissfulness and the warmth of home. Without you. a home cannot be complete. Always dine home, let home be filled with warmth and the atmosphere off reunion.






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