Healthy Oat Dumplings 燕麦养身粽子

无需冷藏, 纯手工制作之美食,传承中华传统节日习俗
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Zero glutinous rice Zero preservatives added Pure handmade Easy to digest


Healthy oat dumplings are the best choice for your family!

-Not greasy at all

-Zero glutinous rice, easy to digest

-Low calorie and low fat, suitable for everyone

-Whole grains, nutritious and healthy


3 main cereals: 

Oat: It is rich in plasma fiber, vitamins and minerals. Long-term consumption can effectively reduce the plasma in the human body. It also has a good hypoglycemic effect for diabetic patients.

Black Rice: Black rice is loaded with antioxidants especially anthocyanin which is great for diabetics, heart patients and helps brain activity. It's great for skin and hair due to its Vitamin E content. 

Red Rice: Red rice is enriched with iron, it has the effect of replenishing blood and preventing anemia.

8 Selection of ingredients: Japanese Shiitake, Chestnut, Mung Bean, White Cowpea, Vegetarian Soy Meat Slices, Oat, Black Rice, Red Rice


Product Name: Healthy Oat Dumplings

Product Shelf-life: 1 month

Packing method: vacuum packed

Storage Method: Store in room temperature, dry place and avoid direct heat and sunlight.

Preparation Method: Steam - Remove the packaging, place the dumpling in the steamer and steam for 10 -15 minutes.

Type of vegetarian: Vegan



Healthy oat dumpling used high-temperature sterilization and vacuum- packed. ONLY store at room temperature, do not need frozen

The dumpling is made of black rice, red rice and oats instead of glutinous rice.
(If it kept in frozen, 
these rice and ingredients will be less solid.)


✅零糯米 ✅零防腐剂 ✅纯手工制作 ✅易消化










黑米 - 黑米中富含抗氧化剂,尤其是花青素,对糖尿病患者,心脏病患者和大脑活动非常有用。其维生素E含量,对皮肤和头发都有很好的补养作用。

红米 - 富含众多的营养素,其中以铁质最为丰富,故有补血及预防贫血的功效

8甄选食材: 香菇,栗子,大豆肉片,绿豆畔,白眉豆,燕麦,黑米,红米



保存期: 1个月

包装方式: 真空包装(不含防腐剂)

储存方式: 存放于阴凉,干燥处避免陽光暴晒

食用方法: 锅蒸- 打开包装后,粽子置于蒸笼上,隔水蒸10-15分钟即可享用

素食种类: 纯素





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